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Biomed Instrument

Biomed products and services
can be found in healthcare facilities all over India.

ORIGINAL B`ORZE Multi-function Image processing software.

  • Full HD Technology with CMOS Sensor
  • HDMI Video transfer on screen
  • 1080p Resolution Sony Sensor (1920×1080)
  • Aspect Ratio16:9
  • 42.8 Mega Pixels
  • Dongle & Capture Card
  • Borze: Digital video colposcope Machine
  • HD intellio DVC 20000 HD 12.0
  • Borze: Fetal Monitor/CTG Machine
  • FEMO 730 | WL 15000 10.2 | WL 15000 12.0
  • Accessories


An access management platform that can improve the surgical experience by offering constant smoke evacuation and increasing visualization with stable pneumoperitoneum, thus reducing procedure times.

Conmed: ESU
  • Air Seal & Insufflation
  • Electrosurgical Units
  • Implants & Suture Anchors
  • Smoke Evacuation
  • Surgical & Medical Instruments
Conmed: Arthroscopy
  • Biomedical Sensors & Electrodes
  • Biopsy & Polypectomy
  • Patient Positioning
  • Resection, Fluid Management & Ablation
  • Specimen Bags

Redefining Hypothermia Management

Aerotherm ™ IQ

World’s 1st Intelligent & Quietest Convective Warmer

  • Intelligent - The Intelligent warmer that detects patient temperature and responds dynamically
  • Quietest: The quietest warmer with noise level of 11.3dBA (Average) and 31.4 dBA (Peak) (Tested at one of the most advanced sound labs in India – HCL)
  • Dual Mode – Auto and Manual. Manual has 3 temperature settings to choose from i.e 36°C, 40°C and 44°C
  • Sturdy – Adapted to Indian conditions, the warmer is made up of aluminium alloy which makes it sturdy
  • Side airvents – designed to improve filter efficiency
  • Airway
  • Vascular Access
  • Reginol anesthesia
  • Infusion system
  • Hypothermia management
  • Active humidification
  • High flow nasal
  • (oxygen thearapy)
  • Pumps
  • Pressure Monitoring
  • Neurorehab Robotics

PENTAX Medical
EG 3270UK Slim Ultrasound Video Endoscope

The EG-3270UK combines the feasibility of Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) with excellent ultrasound image quality in an ergonomically engineered endoscope. This unique combination sets a new standard in endoscopic ultrasound for everyday practice and a wide range of procedures.

• Gaestroentrology • Endoscopic ultrasound • Endobronchial ultrasound • Pulmonology • ENT & Speech • Urology • Advance imaging • Video equipment • Informatics & software solutions • Accessories & Peripherals • Reprocessing, Drying and storage

OR Light Experience the brightness of Sunlight in your OR – 97% Sunlight

Surgical illumination system is one of the most essential equipment in a modern operating room to identify and differentiate between various tissue structures during advanced surgical procedures, which demands superior surgical lighting system to emulate sunlight.

  • Operation Theatre (OT) products
  • OR lights
  • OR pendant
  • OR table
  • Integration
  • Laparoscopic Equipments
  • CO2 Insufflator
  • LED Light source
  • Suction-Irrigation Pump
  • Reprocessing, Drying and storage
  • Reprocessing, Drying and storage

Smiths Medical

Rigid pressure chambers accommodate standard blood and crystalloid bags providing a constant 300 mmHg pressure for rapid infusion

On/Off toggle switch used to quickly and easily pressurize chambers

Counter current 42°C circulating water bath, ensure patients receive normothermic blood and IV fluids


This multi-use workstation combines the largest touch screen with advanced clinical tools.

SCHILLER’s high-end electrocardiograph AT-180 is based on the new SCHILLER software platform. It offers robust design for the busiest hospitals, as well as a combination of applications that makes it the ideal multi-use workstation for private practices.

• Resting ECG • Excersice stress ECG • Holter • Blood Pressure Monitoring • Pulmonary function testing

BARRIER aperture drapes

BARRIER® aperture drapes are available in a range of sizes and aperture shapes designed for different surgical needs. You can choose centred or off-centre aperture positions and non-adhesive or adhesive versions that provide a secure seal around the wound site.

• wound care product • Surgical Product • gloves